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There are many people who can help make starting and staying on treatment as easy as possible.

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Who’s who

Get to know the people providing you support, managing your treatments, and helping you live life with Alpha-1.

Zemaira CareZ Coordinator

Your CareZ Coordinator can help you get started on Zemaira by:

  • Researching your health insurance coverage, helping you find coverage, or assisting with insurance coverage issues.
  • Connecting you to the specialty pharmacy that will be providing and coordinating your Zemaira therapy.
  • Helping you access financial assistance programs, if necessary.
  • Connecting you with fellow Alphas who can offer you additional support.

Specialty Pharmacy Representative

Your specialty pharmacy will be responsible for coordinating and scheduling your weekly Zemaira infusions. A representative from your specialty pharmacy and/or your pharmacist may help you by:

  • Coordinating the delivery of your Zemaira and accompanying supplies.
  • Scheduling your weekly infusions and sending a home healthcare nurse to your home to administer your Zemaira therapy.
  • Providing treatment education.
  • Determining your financial responsibility (co-pays, etc) and helping you seek financial assistance, if needed.

AlphaNet Coordinator

Your AlphaNet Coordinator is also living with Alpha-1 and being treated with Zemaira. He or she can be your mentor as you learn to live with Alpha-1 by:

  • Checking in with you regularly (usually once a month) to help you stay connected to assistance.
  • Providing experience-based, nontherapeutic advice and emotional support.*
  • Helping you find answers to questions about your condition or treatment.
  • Encouraging the lifestyle changes and improvements you’ve initiated to improve your overall wellness.
  • Explaining Alpha-1 and what you can expect from augmentation therapy.
  • Reviewing the services available through Zemaira CareZ and guiding you on how to enroll.
  • Connecting you to the broader Alpha-1 community and support organizations.

*Emotional support does not constitute professional guidance, or psychological or therapeutic counseling. Our specialists offer experience-based, nontherapeutic advice and support in handling the difficulties of living with Alpha-1.

Important Safety Information

Alpha1-Proteinase Inhibitor (Human), Zemaira® is indicated to raise the plasma level of alpha1-proteinase inhibitor (A1-PI) in patients with A1-PI deficiency and related emphysema. The effect of this raised level on the frequency of pulmonary exacerbations and the progression of emphysema have not been established in clinical trials.

Zemaira may not be suitable for everyone; for example, people with known hypersensitivity to components used to make Zemaira, those with a history of anaphylaxis or severe systemic response to A1-PI products, and those with certain IgA deficiencies. If you think any of these may apply to you, ask your doctor.

Early signs of hypersensitivity reactions to Zemaira include hives, rash, tightness of the chest, unusual breathing difficulty, wheezing, and feeling faint. Immediately discontinue use and consult with physician if such symptoms occur.

In clinical studies, the following adverse reactions were reported in at least 5% of subjects receiving Zemaira: headache, sinusitis, upper respiratory infection, bronchitis, fatigue, increased cough, fever, injection-site bleeding, nasal symptoms, sore throat, and swelled blood vessels.

Because Zemaira is made from human blood, the risk of transmitting infectious agents, including viruses and, theoretically, the Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) agent, cannot be completely eliminated.

Please see full prescribing information for Zemaira.

You are encouraged to report negative side effects of prescription drugs to the FDA. Visit, or call 1-800-FDA-1088.

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